From the basic to the elaborate.
SMS2000 alarm panel-pumps panel
digital meters
1500 series panels are dc without meters.

2500 series panels are dc with analog meters.

3500 series panels are ac without meters.
4500 series panels are ac with analog meters and pa/rev pol indicator lights.

5500 series panels are ac with analog meters and rotary source select switches.

stock 1500 and 3500 panels come in 4-6-8-12 and 20 circuit configurations. Circuit breaker sizes are per order.
3500 series panels have 2 pole 30 or 50 amp mains

 switch panels
motor controls
backlight panels
     All panels can be ordered with backlighting and circuit leds. Our panels come with replaceable labels "hatched" out of the panel itself, making reconfiguring your panel easy while keeping a professional look.

     Our SMS2000 no diode/relay alarm systems are configurable from 5 to 40 event notifications. Each system has an audible alert with led event identification. The audio is resettable while the led remains lit until the event is addressed.
     Panels 16" and larger come laminated to 1/8" aluminum sheeting for added strength.

     Our panel faces are clear acrylic with color laminated to the backside. This gives a clean soft look.